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Efficiency is critically important to your business. Boeing Distribution Services offers customized kitting services, combining convenience and performance.

Kitting Solutions

Our kits are built to your specifications, resulting in greater levels of productivity by providing the parts your technicians need, exactly where they are needed. Over 250,000 active kits in production, Boeing Distribution Services has the expertise to provide your ideal kitting solution.
  • Consolidation of many parts into a single part number maintaining full traceability
  • 40–70% reduction of inventory on-hand, POs, and supplier management
  • Kit assembly at your facility or ours
  • Guaranteed component stocking levels
  • Customizable Bill of Materials and delivery containers
  • Interactive web-based configuration management
  • Can be included in bin program
  • Reusable containers
  • Kanban delivery process
Boeing Distribution's proprietary Kitting Portal is an interactive, web-based collaboration tool that allows our customers to easily customize kit configurations. The portal enables users to:
  • Directly upload multiple BOMs
  • Send a work order parts list (BOM) directly from your system to ours
  • Manage user-based workflow approvals
  • Make changes and track those changes by user throughout the life of the kit
  • View fully-automated, web-based reports