Letter Regarding Kobe Steel

08 Nov. 2017
Kobe Steel Fraudulent Material Certificates
As you may know, Kobe Steel (also known as KOBELCO) recently announced that certain materials it sold were not compliant with material specifications and that certain inspection certificates had been altered to inaccurately state that products were compliant with customer and industry specifications when in fact the materials were noncompliant.
Upon receipt of Kobe Steel’s notice, KLX Inc. d/b/a KLX Aerospace Solutions (“KLX”) immediately contacted its suppliers to determine whether any supplier or any supplier’s subcontractors utilized Kobe Steel material in products provided to KLX. We are pleased to report that the overwhelming majority of KLX suppliers stated that no products were impacted by the Kobe Steel notice.
We will continue to work with our suppliers to further confirm the extremely limited impact, if any, of Kobe Steel’s notice on KLX’s inventory and past sales. We do not intend to make further contact with customers unless we are aware of problems with products KLX specifically delivered to them.
Should you require additional information, please contact Jason Lewis, KLX Inc.’s Senior Director, Global Quality Assurance at Jason.Lewis@KLX.com or +1.305.925.2600.