KLX Awarded Best Performance Improver at Safran Electrical & Power Supplier Awards

28 June 2017
KLX Awarded Best Performance Improver at Safran Electrical & Power Supplier Awards
World leader in electrical systems for aircraft, Safran Electrical & Power awards suppliers who have demonstrated an outstanding level of performance at last week’s Paris Air Show. KLX Aerospace Solutions awarded Best Performance Improver.
A Safran-KLX Aerospace Solutions collaborative supplier improvement strategy commenced at a senior business review in February 2016, with a clear focus on improving sub-tier supplier performance from both a delivery and quality perspective. KLX provides parts and products and services and solutions for Safran manufacturing, holding more than $18 million of inventory for Safran Electrical and Power builds. The shared goal of the initiative was to improve Safran supply chain on-time delivery in the UK and reduce the risk of defects through a proactive approach with critical suppliers.
Audits for all Safran entities globally, including delegated inspection authority at source by KLX Aerospace Solutions for Safran suppliers. Safran and KLX Aerospace Solutions enhanced the inspection capabilities and procedures at the KLX UK facility, with the enhanced performance metrics continued the drive for shared growth based on continuous improvement.
At the 2017 Paris Airshow, KLX Aerospace Solutions was recognized and awarded Best Performance Improver at the Safran Electrical and Power Supplier Awards. KLX was selected because of its on-time and on-quality delivery performance, but also because of its ability to innovate and to support Safran Electrical & Power activities on-time and accurately. During this period, KLX achieved 100% on-time delivery to the Safran UK “point of use” production line and a reduction in six month rolling PPM to 39. KLX Aerospace Solutions has a clear ambition to continue to strive for the “perfect” performance and quality status as strategic supplier to Safran. THE POWER OF SERVICE!