KLX Data Center Move

6 July 2016
To Our Valued Customers & Suppliers:
As previously shared upon the December 2014 spin-off from B/E Aerospace, KLX will be transitioning this year to its own data center for all KLX business systems.

While KLX's data infrastructure and support services will move to a new KLX-owned location, this does not represent a change in any of the KLX business applications including the ERP* system for our business. (*enterprise resource planning)

From August 2016 through year-end, KLX will transition its data center and servers to a new, permanent location. There will be some carefully planned downtime for customer-facing portals that will be communicated in advance and kept to a minimum. In most cases, these planned downtimes will not disrupt normal business operations.

Where necessary, we will connect with our customers' technical support to coordinate the transition. You can aid in this effort by providing an email address or contact for your technical support. Simply click here to submit that contact, or send an email to techsupport@KLX.com.

This move will benefit our customers and suppliers through improved management of KLX support services, enhanced KLX solutions and greater flexibility to scale to KLX's growth and yours. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continued partnership.